Unroasted - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Hallo Gr 1

Unroasted - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Hallo Gr 1

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Experience SNAP's Halo Hartume Village Ethiopian Coffee

Established in 2008 by entrepreneur Negusse Debela, SNAP is Ethiopia’s top exporter of specialty coffee. 

From Gedeb's highlands comes our late-harvested coffee, grown by smallholders in Halo Hartume Village. Cherries are carefully processed at our washing station, with fermentation tailored to weather conditions. After meticulous washing and grading, the beans are immersed in spring water to preserve purity.

Enjoy the rich flavors of Ethiopian heirloom varietals, cultivated with care and expertise. Try SNAP's Halo Hartume Village Specialty Coffee today and savor the essence of Ethiopian coffee tradition.

Cupping notes: Honey, floral, sweet papaya