Roasted - Haiti Kolen
Roasted - Haiti Kolen

Roasted - Haiti Kolen

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Step into the heart of rural Haiti, to the lush region of Kolen, nestled near the Dominican border in the High South East Department. For centuries, the dedicated farmers of this area have carefully cultivated their coffee beans, making it more than just a tradition—it's a way of life. The Kolen Mountain Reserve brings you this exceptional coffee, cultivated by over 200 dedicated families who make up the small farmer-owned association, known as APPCC.

Our Kolen Mountain Reserve Haitian Coffee is a true embodiment of the passion and heritage of these farming families. This washed, Arabica coffee is an exquisite brew that is versatile enough to suit various coffee preferences. It excels in espressos, where its robust and rich flavors truly shine, but it also delights in a French press or a classic drip brew.

What sets this coffee apart is the unmistakable depth of flavor that's a testament to the unique terroir of Kolen. With every sip, you'll experience a rich and unparalleled taste, a coffee that is not just a beverage, but a journey through the rolling hills and history of rural Haiti.

When you savor Kolen Mountain Reserve Haitian Coffee, you're not only enjoying a premium coffee experience; you're supporting a community, a tradition, and the livelihoods of those who have poured their hearts into each and every bean. It's coffee that connects you to the roots of Haiti and a heritage that spans generations.

Experience the exceptional. Taste the tradition. Choose Kolen Mountain Reserve Haitian Coffee today.

Altitude: +/- 3700 ft ASL
Date Established: 2004
Varieties: Arabica Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, Butter/Cream, Maple syrup, Brown sugar
Acidity Level: Mild, Citric, Malic
Body: Full and Heavy, well rounded
Cup Score: 83.5+
Recommended Roasting: Medium Roast