Unroasted - Brazil DECAF SC 17/18 SWP

Unroasted - Brazil DECAF SC 17/18 SWP

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Information on this bean provided by Swiss Water:

Brazilians consume a fantastic amount of coffee—close to 20 million bags a year and growing— second only to the US. We offer 17/18 Strictly Soft Fine Cup (SSFC). We select coffees based on the cup profile—nutty, mild, and sweet with a rich body. This offering is solid on its own and also versatile in blends, as an espresso component, or for flavouring. The lots we buy do not have regional specificity.

Cupping notes: Good body, pleasant aftertaste of malt and cereal, notes of chocolate, walnut, and almond.

Swiss Water Processing (SWP) is a patented method to decaffeinate beans in a chemical-free way, while preserving their original characteristics as well as possible.